21 Dec, 2010

Sportscentre Lostraat

Location: Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
Client: Vanhout, www.vanhout.be
Architect: architectenbureau ESSA
Description: Sportscentre Lostraat

Client: Stucto, www.structo.be
Description: Tecton has made a promotional video for Structo. This production was made in HD format and is shown on regional TV broadcast channels.

Location: -
Client: Van Maercke, www.vanmaercke.com
Architect: -
Description: Tecton has made a promotional video for Van Maercke. This production was made in HD format and is shown on regional TV broadcast channels.

29 Sep, 2010

Residentie Jan Turpin

Location: Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Client: POCpartners, www.pocpartners.com
Architect: E&L Projects, Bureau Goddeeris
Description: Apartments, Seaside location.

28 Sep, 2010

A.S Adventure

Location: A.S. Adventure store concept, Belgium
Client: A.S. Adventure
Architect: Retail Office, Steven Bollé, www.retailoffice.be
Description: 3D animation for the new A.S. Adventure retail concept

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Client: Van Maercke, www.vanmaercke.com
Architect: Ingenieursbureau N.V. Arcade
Description: 3D animation for a new Terminal, Logistics Parc Waasland, Tabaknatie.
Integration in the animation , both in real life and in virtual reality, of the rallycar sponsored by Tabaknatie.

Location: Tervuren, Belgium
Client: OSAR (aka FDA-architecten), www.osar.be
Architect: OSAR
Description: Apartments, Service Flats and Social Centre at Tervuren near Brussels

Location: Aartselaar, Belgium
Client: Cocacola Belgium
Architect: BAR, Buro for Architecture, www.bar.be
Description: 3D animation for the new Cocacola visitor centre

18 Aug, 2010

HHRM Roeselare

Location: Roeselare, Belgium
Client: Vk-studio, www.vkstudio.be
Architect: Vk-studio, www.vkstudio.be
Description: Nieuw ziekenhuis HHRM Roeselare-Menen te Oekene

30 Mar, 2010


Location: Website, Berryfloor
Client: Berryfloor, www.berryfloor.com
Description: Tecton teamed up with Berryfloor to realize a 3D roomplanner
to test the roomplanner yourself, please visit www.berryfloor.com/roomplanner


Tecton Interactive Presentations is a team of specialists in the field of architecture and 3D-imaging. We are located in Belgium, Europe. We specialise in world-wide projects ranging from images and/or animations of smaller architecture to visualization of big urban planning projects.