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13 Dec, 2013

Ground based photovoltaic installation

Posted by: philipdk In: France

Location: Les Mées, France

Client: Enfinity
Architect: -
Description: Animation movie simulating a ground based photovoltaic installation

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28 Sep, 2010

Logistiek Park Waasland

Posted by: Webmaster In: Belgium

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium
Client: Van Maercke,
Architect: Ingenieursbureau N.V. Arcade
Description: 3D animation for a new Terminal, Logistics Parc Waasland, Tabaknatie.
Integration in the animation , both in real life and in virtual reality, of the rallycar sponsored by Tabaknatie.

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30 Sep, 2009

Lange Wapper, Antwerp

Posted by: Webmaster In: Belgium|Locations

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Client: LORO
Description: 3D simulation and animation for the new “lange wapper” bridge in Antwerp

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17 Sep, 2009

A New Masterplan for Oshakati, Namibia

Posted by: Webmaster In: Namibia

Location: Oshakati, Namibia
Client: BAR,
Architect: BAR,
Description: Visualisation/Animation of the new masterplan for Oshakati, a city in northern Namibia.
Tecton translated the concept masterplan designed by BAR into an large-scale 3D city model and made a presentation movie about the concept.

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14 Sep, 2009

Astana 3D movie

Posted by: Webmaster In: Kazakhstan

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Client: City of Astana
Description: Showcase movie for our 3Dmodel of the city and the integration in google-earth of our 3d buildings.

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30 Jul, 2009

new Tramway in Algirs

Posted by: Webmaster In: Algeria|Locations

Location: Algirs, Algeria
Client: Siemens
Architect: Siemens
Description: 3D simulation and animation for a new tramway system in Algirs

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30 Jul, 2009

TeleAtlas 3D satnav testcase

Posted by: Webmaster In: Finland|Germany|Locations|San Francisco

Location: Frankfurt Germany, Helsinki Finland, San Francisco USA
Client: Tele Atlas,
Architect: -
Description: Demo, testcase and developement for future GPS and Satnav. devices with textured 3D content

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29 Jul, 2009

Rio de Janeiro Metro

Posted by: Webmaster In: Brasil|Locations

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Client: BAR, Buro of Architecture,
Architect: BAR, Buro of Architecture
Description: City developement, design for a new metro system in the city of Rio de Janeiro

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30 Jun, 2009

Monorail Krakow

Posted by: Webmaster In: Poland

Location: Krakow, Poland
Client: BAR, Buro of Architects,
Architect: BAR, Buro of Architects,
Description: 3D simulation and animation for a new monorail system in Krakow

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30 May, 2009

Cayman Islands

Posted by: Webmaster In: Cayman Islands

Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Client: Gresham Smith and Partners,
Architect: Gresham Smith and Partners,
Description: Masterplan and new airport for Grand Cayman

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